The PayIt Story

There had to be a better way

Our story began unassumingly enough on a Tuesday in the DMV. John, our CEO, needed to renew his vehicle registration, just like thousands of other people do every month. Frustrated—again—by the slow, impersonal, disconnected paper chase to complete a simple transaction, John knew there had to be a better way.

Nearly everyone in the room sat with smartphone in hand.

Banks give us mobile banking. Airlines enable on-the-go flight changes. Uber puts transportation service at our fingertips. Today’s all-mobile all-the-time consumers expect every transaction—even with the government—to be quick, easy, personalized and all possible with a few clicks and swipes of their smartphones.

Only PayIt makes it possible. That day in the DMV sparked a mission—now we’re an entire team with a shared passion for bringing the power of innovative business technology to the public sector via our patent-pending mobile payment platform.