Across the United States alone, there are more than 2,000 public municipal utilities that supply citizens with water, electricity, trash/recycling, telephone, and natural gas.

For publicly owned utilities, providing a dependable and reliable service is not solely built on investing in new infrastructure, but by improving the way that citizens manage their accounts.

Improving this interaction begins by modernizing the technology to reach their citizens. By doing so, municipalities will decrease delinquencies, increase compliances, streamline the citizen experience, and drive down costs across operations.

By driving digital adoption and introducing solutions to make the interaction with publicly owned utilities proactive, quick and effortless, municipalities will also improve their business.

The utility solution provides a mobile and web-friendly method for citizens to easily look up and pay utility bills.


Technical Specifications


What's included for your citizens

Create a profile that they can easily access online or through the app.

Find their utilities accounts and view account balance.

Manage city and county violations.

Receive personalized and timely in-app, push and email notifications .

Pay multiple bills at once. Manage late payments.

Autopay capabilities; set up, change or cancel AutoPay.

View their billing history.

Receive a receipt confirming their payment in-app and via email.

Access their profiles and easily make payments again in the future.

Order and change utility services.


"...the results are a 48% increase in transactions just in water! In dollars collected, that's over 60% more dollars collected."

- John Globensky

City Treasurer of Grand Rapids, Michigan



Mobile and web-based enterprise solution featuring a common foundation layer that incorporates a common customer account, common digital identity with authentication, search, email and mobile device notification, single payment engine, reusable components, reporting and analytics, and supporting technology

Integrate with existing data sources via standard secured published API or flat-file digestion

Programmatic real-time updates from the Platform to the data source via API or flat-file

Enable payment via ACH, Credit Card or other methods as required

Allow users to search and link utility accounts via account number, name and address, or other client-specified fields

Enable scheduled or partial payments, AutoPay

Notify users when a new bill arrives, when a bill’s due date is near, when a bill is overdue

Configurable business rules for handling overdue billing (balance forward)

Easy to use Government Administration tool allows you to search transaction details, ease the reconciliation process, and learn more about your citizens through reporting and real-time analytics capabilities 

The Digital Government Platform


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