Turnpike & Tolling

United States toll agencies collect $13 billion annually to build, operate and maintain the roadways of high volume travel.

A wide range of solutions to address unique safety and experience challenges for the traveling public, particularly in regard to toll collection, have been attempted but few have been successful.

Providing residents a modern, user friendly, mobile way to manage their tolling account is the key to the success of compliance and account management across frequent and one-time travelers.

Reimagining the Transportation experience is focused on the citizens, drivers, visitors and businesses that operate as part of the transportation hubs. With the rapid evolution of mobile technology, the need to interoperate across private and public roads and establishing a common integration point via a simple and easy to use solution accessible via a mobile device is the key. By reimagining the transportation experience drivers are enabled to manage transponders, pay missed tolls, order tags & pay taxes, manage violations, plan a trip, receive location based alerts & advisories, manage cross territory plates, receive safety reminders & training, purchase transit tickets and manage parking spaces all from one place.

The tolling solution provides a mobile and web-friendly method for citizens easily look up accounts and pay toll fees.


Technical Specifications


What's included for your citizens

Create a profile that they can easily access online or through the app.

Find and link their turnpike/tolling accounts.

Manage, update, order and deactivate tags.

View trips and other usage details.

Pay for new credits or existing balances.

Pay one-off payments including registration holds and reinstatement fees.

View account balance and billing history. Set up, change or cancel AutoPay.

Receive notifications about account balance and updates.

Receive receipts confirming their payment in-app and via email.

Access their profiles and easily make payments again in the future.


5.7 billion trips made per year on tolled roads and crossings in the United States.


The International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association



Mobile and web-based enterprise solution featuring a common foundation layer that incorporates a common customer account, common digital identity with authentication, search, email and mobile device notification, single payment engine, reusable components, reporting and analytics, and supporting technology

Integrate with existing data sources via standard secured published API or flat-file digestion

Programmatic real-time updates from the Platform to the data source via API or flat-file

Enable payment via ACH, Credit Card or other methods as required

Associate tag with vehicle by license plate number

Accept payments for violations

Manage your tolling account with the current service

Easy to use Government Administration tool allows you to search transaction details, ease the reconciliation process, and learn more about your citizens through reporting and real-time analytics capabilities

The Digital Government Platform


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