Treasury teams have the ability to manage the ongoing needs of property, real estate, income, and other tax groupings.

Using the device of their choice, citizens have the ability to pay taxes, and maintain a profile with their receipts, official documents, and information to view at a glance. The ease of use for the citizen has driven increased compliance and faster time to revenue for Treasury teams.

From property to real estate taxes, alleviate the stress of increased office walk-ins and manual reconciliation processes during peak seasons for revenue collection.


Technical Specifications


What's included for your citizens

E-Billing & Payment

Installment or Recurring Billing

Delinquent Tax Handling


"In the first 75 days of implementation the office experienced a 20% increase in both transactions and dollars. That's about 4,900 transactions and over 9 million dollars. To the back-office people, that's over 10 trays of mail they didn't have to open."

- Tina Walker

Deputy Chief Administrator of Shelby County, TN



Mobile and web-based enterprise solution featuring a common foundation layer that incorporates a common customer account, common digital identity with authentication, search, email and mobile device notification, single payment engine, reusable components, reporting and analytics, and supporting technology

Integrate with existing data sources via standard secured published API or flat-file digestion

Programmatic real-time updates from the Platform to the data source via API or flat-file

Enable payment via ACH, Credit Card or other methods as required

Enable scheduled payments, partial payments

Notify users when a new bill arrives, when a bill’s due date is near, when a bill is overdue

Configurable business rules for handling overdue and delinquent tax bills, payment time windows

Easy to use Government Administration tool allows you to search transaction details, ease the reconciliation process, and learn more about your citizens through reporting and real-time analytics capabilities

The Digital Government Platform


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Turnpike & Tolling

With society moving to mobile, establish an easy way for your citizens to auto-replenish their account, and keep funds up-to-date even in the midst of their busy schedule.

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PayIt’s easy-to configure solution for services ranging from gas, electricity, trash, water, and even sewer payments are activated to enable users to perform a variety of tasks.


Motor Vehicle

Our Motor Vehicle solution is a comprehensive experience created to ease the process for both the government and citizen.