Parks & Wildlife Services

In communities across America, families and friends are planning birthday parties or neighborhood gatherings at local parks.

Make sure your citizens have the ability to reserve a spot. Your team will also have the ability to manage your inventory and reservation system in a modern way.

Analytics will share which parks are getting the most frequent use, might need the most maintenance, and whether they are in high-demand.

Allow your citizens to find, process and pay for fish and wildlife licenses easily via a mobile device or the web.


Technical Specifications

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What's included for your citizens

Find and reserve park visits

Pay for park passes

Order and process fish and wildlife licenses


"iKan has helped us double the amount of Parks Passes sold through its citizen engagement."

- Secretary Sam Williams

Kansas Department of Revenue



Mobile and web-based enterprise solution featuring a common foundation layer that incorporates a common customer account, common digital identity with authentication, search, email and mobile device notification, single payment engine, reusable components, reporting and analytics, and supporting technology

Integrate with existing data sources via standard secured published API or flat-file digestion

Programmatic real-time updates from the Platform to the data source via API or flat-file

Enable payment via ACH, Credit Card or other methods as required

Park and campsite reservations

Configurable rules for park and camp site availability 

Configurable rules for purchasing licenses

Digital hunting/fishing/etc licenses

Digital park passes

Share reservations with friends

Easy to use Government Administration tool allows you to search transaction details, ease the reconciliation process, and learn more about your citizens through reporting and real-time analytics capabilities

The Digital Government Platform


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