Health & Human Services

Apply for healthcare services, find your vital records or stay current with health and food related services and licenses.

Requesting copies of vital record documents, including birth certificates, marriage licenses, and other personal documents is quick and convenient.

Give your citizens the ability to apply for and renew healthcare services. From temporary assistance for families to child care registration, the types of services you can provide are limitless.

Healthcare departments can use PayIt to manage food service licensing and permitting for restaurants, food trucks, food carts and food processing facilities.


Technical Specifications

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What's included for your citizens

Access to order vital records including birth certificates, marriage licenses and more

Quick and easy way to sign-up and determine eligibility for health services

Renew current health and human services

Alerts reminding you to renew or reapply for services


“iKan has already partnered with State government to facilitate vehicle registrations and other services. Today’s announcement is great news for Kansas and will make obtaining vital records much easier, while also decreasing lines and wait times in government offices.”

- Secretary Jeff Andersen

Kansas Department of Health and Environment



Mobile and web-based enterprise solution featuring a common foundation layer that incorporates a common customer account, common digital identity with authentication, search, email and mobile device notification, single payment engine, reusable components, reporting and analytics, and supporting technology

HIPAA compliant solution

Integrate with existing data sources via standard secured published API or flat-file digestion

Programmatic real-time updates from the Platform to the data source via API or flat-file

Enable payment via ACH, Credit Card or other methods as required

Configurable rules by different type of healthcare services  

Configurable rules for applying for and registering of healthcare services

Digital verification on your mobile device

Automated service renewal reminder

Easy to use Government Administration tool allows you to search transaction details, ease the reconciliation process, and learn more about your citizens through reporting and real-time analytics capabilities 

The Digital Government Platform


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