The Digital Government Platform is uniquely flexible to your specific needs. We are able to create seamless integrations for even your most complex business rules. With a host of features tailored for transactional service components, PayIt is the ideal solution for you and your citizens.


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PayIt is simplifying doing business with city, county, and state governments through its award winning digital government and payment platform.

Courts & Citations

Maximize compliance by activating the easiest way for your citizens to pay.

Citizens are able to easily pay, on-the-go, with the ability to quickly look up a ticket as soon as it is received. The individual personalized and secure accounts remember citation history and information in the digital wallet, which enables expedient payment in the future.


Environmental Services

Safeguarding environmental quality, consistent with the social and economic needs of the City, State, and Federal Government.

Making it easy for citizens and businesses of the regulated environmental protection agency with a simplified mobile enabled solution helps quickly apply for, renew or check the status of air, land and water activities.

Health & Human Services

Apply for healthcare services, finding your vital records or staying current with food processing facilities licensing and oversight is easy with PayIt.

Making it easy for citizens to request copies of their vital record documents including birth certifications, marriage licenses and other personal documents is quick, convenient and easy to complete with PayIt.


Parks & Wildlife Services

In communities across America, families and friends are planning birthday parties or neighborhood gatherings at local parks.

Making sure they have the ability to reserve a spot can be quick, convenient and easy for the county team to know what parks are getting the most frequent use, might need the most maintenance, and whether they are in high-demand.

Professional Licensing

Renewing and initially applying for professional licenses for businesses and citizens is easier with PayIt.

Making sure citizens and businesses have the ability to apply for and renew professional licenses can be quick, convenient and easy to identify and process the application with the city, county or state.


Public Safety

Finding an easy way for your citizens to reach out to you with what's happening in their neighborhood can be fast, simple, and efficient.

Be it a pothole, debris from a storm, or a code violation, connecting with your citizens using 311 and the Platform makes it easy and quick.

Using our SaaS solutions, issues are divided into reports and requests.


Allow citizens to pay their utilities directly from their smart phone with the PayIt digital government platform.

With our easy-to configure solution, services ranging from gas, electricity, trash, water, and even sewer payments are activated to enable users to perform a variety of tasks and experience new, updated features regularly.


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