Grand Rapids Launches GRPayIt!

August 31, 2017

Citizens of Grand Rapids benefit from a new convenient way to pay!

The City of Grand Rapids, in partnership with mobile and web government leader, PayIt, has released a mobile and web app that creates an easy way to transact with the City. The mobile and web app, GRPayIt, allows city residents to link to Property Tax, Refuse, Water accounts to pay, manage, and receive notifications about their accounts. Additionally, anyone issued a Parking Ticket by the City can pay for the ticket securely and conveniently in the app.

The City Treasurer, John Globensky stated, “We want to make it so that you can do business with the city at any time, anywhere and on any device. We need to meet our citizens where they are. People expect to have the convenience of different methods of payment and to access these in a secure, quick, and easy manner.”

GRPayIt allows the citizens to setup one-time payments, manage payment options, make partial payments on a bill, setup auto-pay for most services, and receive reminders when a new statement or bill has arrived. PayIt’s underlying platform allows its users to access multiple services through a single app.

Globensky added, “The application brings multiple departments together for the citizen rather than them coming to find us - and in only one app that provides reminders and quick pay functionality.”

One of the citizens involved in the user group commented: “This changes the paradigm of how I interact with the government. This is my government - I am not a number.”

GRPayIt can be found on iTunes and Google Play.


PayIt’s cloud-based mobile government and payment platform technology provides state and local agencies and their citizens with a personalized mobile and web app experience for simplifying transactions and automating citizen engagement.

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Hunter McPherson