iKan Launches Vital Records

iKan launches new service to order Vital Records Topeka, KS: The State of Kansas has launched a new service for citizens enabling them to order vital records from the convenience of their mobile phone. The new feature, called Vital Records, is accessible through iKan, which is the state’s digital solution to simplify government.

The new service is a collaboration between the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and PayIt, a Kansas City-based company which has partnered with the State of Kansas to modernized citizen and government interaction. Using the Payit platform, iKan delivers unique capabilities for citizens to securely interact with the State. Earlier this year, iKan made vehicle registration renewals more easily available, and as of June, Vital Records are now available for ordering through the service.


The Kansas Department of Health and Environment has launched Vital Records to create a fast, safe, and easy way for the State to fill requests for birth, death, marriage, and divorce from the convenience of any connected mobile device. The new channel has additionally provided a process for citizens to order the certificates and either have them mailed right to their door, or visit the Will Call lane at the State’s office for easy pickup.

“Having a modern, intuitive solution is a priority for the State, as we look to optimize our citizen’s experience through many services in a single experience” said Donna Shelite, the Kansas Information Technology Officer, about the partnership.

“We look forward to continued growth in the state of Kansas as citizens learn their mobile device is now a gateway to their Government through our iKan platform,” said John Thomson, CEO of PayIt. “Continuing to make these experiences relevant and easy for citizens is extremely rewarding.”

PayIt provides various services to connect government with their constituents, including taxes, utilities, courts, and more. All applications are available online or can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.


PayIt is simplifying doing business with state, local and federal government through its award winning digital government and payment platform. Along with our government partners, we are transforming the customer experience and making government more modern, convenient and mobile.

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Hunter McPherson