Powerful technology. Unexpectedly simple.

A new technology initiative usually churns up thoughts of costly complexity. High maintenance? Slow adoption? Sound familiar? That was then; this is now.

PayIt’s cloud-based platform technology turns the old ideas of clunky transactional automation upside down. It simplifies citizen-government transactions with zero footprint, providing a modern user experience through both mobile and web applications.

Built to work intuitively with your existing systems, PayIt replaces paper-based process inefficiency with the unique combination of instant access and greater security. Effectively automating transaction processing for your staff, while empowering citizens to manage their personal profiles and business activities with ease.

What it means for you …

Mobile first means citizen first. An extraordinary mobile-first user experience in a mobile app (not a mobile-enabled website) designed for ease of use and consistent performance consumers can count on.

Web application capability. Deliver mobile and/or web applications depending on the needs of your agency and citizens.

No cost. Our standard transaction-based revenue model makes this a no-cost, budget-neutral service and risk-free implementation to our partner agencies. Our solution delivers a significant cost savings over a custom app development approach because there are no development fees or upgrade charges and no costly hardware to manage.

Rapid deployment. An initial scope of services implements in approximately 90 days or less. So you can start bringing this powerful new mobile engagement to citizens now, not next year.

Scalability. Apply the flexibility of our platform-based technology across multiple back-end systems to provide a full set of core solutions from a single, easy to navigate, mobile source. When you’re ready, this makes implementing and/or integrating additional department and state services into PayIt simple and intuitive.

Strong security. Our enterprise class mobile platform incorporates industry-leading security and encryption features inherent to the Amazon government cloud—the same development cloud used by many Department of Defense (DoD) applications.

Support resources. Our team of research and development experts will work with you to continuously improve the value from your implementation and the experience for your constituents.

Continuous improvement. Our ongoing R&D investment in the government platform brings you more advantages as new services, features and ongoing user experience improvements and updates are implemented at no additional cost.

Proactive citizen engagement. The PayIt interface includes social sharing and content management options that allow you to actively customize and distribute relevant communications to your consumers, on their terms.

Government-only focus. We’re laser focused on creating innovative e-Government solutions and technology. That means unlike many technology providers, all of our energy funnels into building exactly what our government partners need to better serve their citizens.