PayIt provides a patent-pending, enterprise-grade platform focused exclusively on government services. This robust platform and rapid deployment methodology allow you to launch in a matter of weeks. We will work with you to configure industry-leading services for your citizens.

The Digital Government Platform

Purpose built Digital Government Platform enables you to provide solutions that help improve the delivery of government services to your citizens. The platform is Cloud based, configurable, extensible and secure. This provides an ideal solution for your services and does not require hardware, ongoing maintenance or surprise you with any hidden fees. A partnership with PayIt is the best decision you can make for both you and your citizens.



The PayIt Digital Government Platform is secure, robust configurable running natively in the highest secured cloud environment. The platform is a low-code, configurable implementation that allows for maximum flexibility, rapid scale and robust disaster recovery.

No Obsolescence

Ongoing R&D

The Platform is based on agile methods which enables ongoing R&D using the latest technologies. You won’t have to worry about scheduling maintenance or downtime and new innovations are regularly available for your usage.



The Platform is highly secure and is native to the AWS GovCloud, the highest level of security available today. PayIt provides dedicated security experts, regular internal audits, and the most modern security features.

Administrative Tools

Advanced Analytics

Enterprise administrative portal tools enable your team to monitor and manage your services. Standard features include advanced analytics that enable more efficiencies for your team.

Merchant of Record

PayIt’s digital government platform’s payment system is fully PCI-Level 1 Merchant compliant and certified.

Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

PayIt provides secure, scalable, and speedy integration with your existing systems using our open platform approach based on application programming interfaces and other methods of connecting your systems together in 90 days or less.


At the core of our product is the PayIt Digital Government Platform


PayIt’s Digital Government Platform

The beauty of the PayIt Platform is it’s unique flexibility to fit your specific needs. We manage integrations for your most complex business rules while building upon a feature foundation.

With a host of features tailored for both transactional and non-transactional services, PayIt is the ideal partner for you and your citizens.


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Our Secure Digital Government Platform

Extensive security measures ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all data and transactions.

Some of these security measures include:

Industry standard cryptography algorithms

Certified PCI-Level 1 Merchant

Integration components that interact directly with government information systems

Strong encryption in flight and at rest

Continuous monitoring and improvements to security and reliability of our systems


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Citizen Experience

Transform the Way Citizens Interact with your Government

Along with our government partners, we are transforming the customer experience and making government more modern, convenient and mobile.

We will help you empower your citizens to be confident in any transaction, while helping you drive down office visits.

We use conditional, conversational logic to tailor processes for each citizen’s needs and provide him or her with a single account via a secured digital wallet to store services and information. This allows citizens have a secured identity with the government, and allows them to easily reference services for future interactions.



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Government Administration Tool

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Citizen Insights

Efficiency of your day-to-day is important. We take time to train your team and will make sure everyone feels comfortable with access to transaction search, history, and analytics.

Standard features offer advanced capabilities that will deliver efficiencies and cost savings. 

The Government Administration Tool Features

Summary dashboards with KPIs
Transaction and settlement reports
Customer support, including transaction lookup and refunding
Permission-based user management

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